About us

Based in York, Network Ventures was founded in 1993 by Mark Brant to exclusively deliver services on Corporate Finance Transactions. While working for a merchant bank in Leeds, Mark recognised the gap in the understanding between “the corporate finance community” and the “insurance/ financial services world”. Network Ventures was established to bridge that gap. 

We exclusively operate in the Corporate Finance Market and understand these transactions. All the work we undertake is introduced to us by corporate finance professionals throughout the UK. 

We believe we have unrivalled experience having worked on over 1500 deals consistently meet our clients expectations. 

We successfully facilitate the underwriting process for maximum client benefit, via our relationships with key insurance providers, and our ability to help them understand the key corporate risks. 

We leverage the relationships we have and, where appropriate, introduce our clients to each other and our corporate connections where we can see synergy or value to be added. 

The business has evolved so that we are now able to offer a full suite of services offering a wide range of solutions.

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